Jennie Bewes

Founder / Pilot

Commercial helicopter pilot and a Harvard trained executive leader with over 20 years blue-chip product innovation, Jennie’s priority is inspiring optimism and action in others by demonstrating the power of an innovation mindset in overcoming “impossible”.  

david adamson

Head Of Training

An ATSB Helicopter Safety SME, Chief Pilot and Flight Examiner with >18,000 hours, David’s priority is safety optimisation through structured scenario-based error management training, ensuring pilots understand both underlying dynamics and recovery procedures.

// Recruiting //

Aero/Mech Engineer

A qualified aerospace/mechanical engineer, proficient in 3D CAD, this creative, pragmatic and hands-on engineer’s priority is to design a 3D printable mount system, and with 3rd party tech, build an aesthetically stunning, robust, and high performing aircraft.


david mayman


Jetpack Aviation

Former management consultant, gold mine owner-operator, turned commercial helicopter pilot and jetpack inventor/pilot, David committed 12 years to perfecting the World’s first and only FAA approved Jetpack, and is set to launch the World’s first flying motorbike by 2021.

john page

Snr Lecturer

UNSW Faculty of Engineering

Expert in aerospace vehicle design, operation & policy, and leader in emerging epigenetic AI (swarm tech) for aerospace development, NASA collaborator John’s engineering career spans industry and academia, where he mentors high potential PhD candidates.

John Casey

Former CMO

Supercars / Vodafone

Senior executive of major Sports, Telco and Financial Services brands, such as Supercars,  Vodafone and Egg (UK), John’s innovative sales and marketing leadership is renowned for producing ingenious initiatives that drive transformative growth.