LEARN TO FLY the World's Most Powerful Jetsuit

The Ultimate Bucket-List Experience

While primarily used for HeliJen‘s Guinness World Record training and R&D testing, it wouldn’t be right to keep the thrill of superhuman flight all to ourselves. So here’s your chance…

Once every few months, we’ll open the Academy doors to four aspiring Jetsuit Pilots, who will experience the extraordinary reality of Superhuman Flight.

After arriving at our fully-certified Flight Academy at Sydney Motorsport Park, you’ll be briefed on the workings of the Jetsuit and how to control it purely with body movements.

You’ll then head over to the safety-tethered flight stage, with full views over the Race Circuit and Sydney’s city skyline, where you’ll strap 6 mini jet engines to your arms and back, before hearing the sweet sound of turbine engines starting up, and taking your very first flight.

In the introductory Human Flight Experience your target is to master the body movements required to control direction and height.

In the full training experience, your target is to achieve the controllability required to transition to forward flight, learning to control speed and accuracy of movement.  Additional days can be booked in advance, on request, subject to availability.

Apply now and prepare to be exhilarated.  It’s an incredible feeling that will see you become one of the very first to fly the world’s most powerful Jetsuit.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


An unforgettable introduction to superhuman flight.
A$ 5,000
  • GOAL: Lift, Hover, Turn & Land
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Pre- & Post-Flight Briefing
  • Friends/family welcome to observe


Immersive flight training with official training credits.
A$ 10,000
  • GOAL: Earn competency credits towards a Licence
  • Duration: Full-Day
  • Structured Instruction
  • Lunch & Refreshments included

Minimum Requirements

Max 100 kg

Age 18+

Min 5 ft tall


Spaces are strictly limited. Minimum criteria applies.  Approved applicants receive dates as they become available, with placement secured on a first-come first-served basis.

Special Occasion?  Email us with dates and details at least 6 weeks in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Luxury Helicopter Transfers available

Arrive in style with our door-to-door heli transfer from Sydney Airport (and many other locations) to the private on-site Helipad. 
Sydney Motorsport Park
Gate A Ferrers Road
Eastern Creek
NSW 2766
(by appointment only)