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Small enough to carry by car, powerful enough to operate at 15,000 feet, our body controlled Jetpacks enable rapid on-demand access into areas no other manned aircraft or land vehicle can reach.

With no fuselage and no mechanical controls, our Jetpacks simply amplify the effect of familiar movements, making it intuitive to fly, freeing mental capacity for mission focused tasks.

Its compact size sees the end to expensive hangarage and enables flight into (and landing/take-off from) places too small or trecherous for other manned aircraft or land vehicles.

With no fuselage to check and maintain, it’s ready for flight in minutes, and can be flown just inches off the ground, in a similar profile to motorcycles …without the requirement of good road surface & traffic conditions.

And while it’s practical and convenient, it’s the gobsmacking thrill of flight in the way we’ve all dreamed of, that makes it the ultimate experience not to be missed.

Turbojet Engines66
Thrust (kg)180 kg154 kg
Empty Weight34 kg27 kg
Max Pilot Weight100 kg90 kg
Endurance7 mins3 mins
Typical Ops Height<10 feet
Max Ops Altitude15,000 feet


World Record

Fastest JETPACK flight across AUSTRALIA

Starting in Fremantle, Western Australia, a physically and mentally gruelling two-month flight to Sydney begins – a distance greater than the diameter of the moon.

It’s the ultimate test in using the power of the mind to overcome our greatest adversities, and will take our non-athletic Founder and Chief Pilot, HeliJen almost 1,000 flights in which she’ll physically bear up to 180 kilos of jet-thrust across desert, mountains and townships, with the added pressure of a time limit set by Guinness.

Why? An adventurous learning addict, Jen believes in living life like the adventure book you’d want written, breaking through perceived limitations to realise true potential, ‘because the only regrets we’ll have when our time runs out, are the chances we didn’t take’.



TRIAL Flight Experiences

Our purpose-built Flight Academy at Sydney Motorsport Park has a fully certified fall protection system, enabling safe and frictionless tethered flight training over a 40sqm stage, with full view over the Race Circuit and Sydney’s city skyline.

While primarily used for test-flights, R&D scenarios and World Record training, it wouldn’t be right to keep the incredible thrill of superhuman flight all to ourselves.

Once a quarter, we open the Academy to 2-4 aspiring Jetpack pilots (waitlist basis) offering Trial Introductory Flight experiences and full Flight Training for those wanting to achieve off-tether Jetpack Pilot certification in accordance with the iJETPACK Manual of Standards.

Meet the Team

Core Team

Jen 'HeliJen' Bewes

CEO / Chief Pilot

Commercial helicopter pilot and Harvard trained leader with over 20 years in blue-chip product innovation, Jen is our Chief Everything Officer, getting hands-on with everything from design and manufacturing to finance and flight training. Her passion: helping others defy their ‘impossible’.

David 'Dakka' Clarke

Chief Aircraft Engineer & Pilot

RAAF jet-fighter & helicopter maintenance engineer and rocket-fuelled Jetpack engineer / pilot, Dakka’s priority is to convert the ever-advancing opportunities for superhuman flight, into powerful, safe and integrated solutions that enhance lives.

Dr Lorenzo Masia

Chief Engineer - Bionic FlySuit

Award-winning Professor of Biorobotics & MediTech, and former Faculty in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Lorenzo’s priority is to develop symbiotic technology to overcome physical deficiencies, reinforcing our belief that ‘no matter who you are, you can’.


David Adamson

Advisor - General Aviation

Helicopter Stunt/Action-Film Pilot, Advanced Flight Instructor and CASA Flight Examiner, David has over 20,000 flight hours with zero incidents  and is a trusted ATSB SME. David provides advice on operations, training and action-sports innovation.

John Casey

Advisor - Commercial

Senior executive of major Sports, Telco and Financial Services brands, such as Supercars, Vodafone and Egg (UK), John’s innovative sales and marketing leadership is renowned for producing ingenious initiatives that drive transformative growth.

John Page

Advisor - Aerospace Engineering

Expert in aerospace vehicle design, operation & policy, and leader in emerging epigenetic AI (swarm tech) for aerospace development, NASA collaborator John’s engineering career spans industry and academia, where he mentors high potential PhD candidates.

Every perceived impossibility, is just a possibility waiting to happen.


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