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Mission: “Fastest journey in a body controlled jet engine powered suit across Australia (Perth to Sydney)” – aka flying further than the moon’s diameter to realise a childhood dream of flying with the power of your arms

Bearing jet thrust for almost 3,500 km in 5-minute increments will be physically and mentally demanding.  Add the time pressure set by Guinness and it’s one hell of an adventurous challenge – especially for our non-athletic founding pilot HeliJen, who must first overcome her exercise aversion to succeed!

Why this? To experience the power of dream activation – because in the end, the only regrets we’ll have, are the chances we didn’t take. 




iJETPACK Aeronautics was founded to design and build the World’s most powerful wearable aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing (wVTOL) to realise the dream of taking flight through arm movement alone.

Our body-controlled gas-turbine powered Jetsuit had it’s maiden test flight in June 2021. Only minor tweaks were required – a huge credit to our Chief Engineer (former RAAF jet-fighter engineer and the first/only person in the world to single-handedly build & fly a rocket-fuelled Jetpack), Dakka Clarke.

To overcome the high physical demand of body-controlled flight, world-leading  rehabilitation robotics engineer, Professor Lorenzo Masia & team at Heidelberg University are busy inventing us the World’s first Bionic FlySuit, with R&D support from our official safety apparel partner, Dainese. #comingsoon!



As a proud Technology & Innovation Partner of the Australian Motorsport Innovation Precinct, and Experience Partner of Australia Racing Drivers ClubSydney Motorsport Park will soon be home to iJETPACK’s purpose built Flight Training & Experience Centre, and the official test site for HeliJen‘s 2021 World Record attempt.

A handful of Flight Experiences will commence mid-2021 on a limited wait-list basis. Want to become one of the first to experience human flight on the World’s most powerful wearable aircraft?  Email [email protected] to register your interest.


Jen 'HeliJen' Bewes

CEO / Chief Pilot

Commercial helicopter pilot and Harvard trained executive leader with over 20 years blue-chip product innovation, Jennie’s priority is inciting optimism and action in others by demonstrating the power of an innovation mindset in overcoming “impossible”.

David Adamson

Head of Operations & Safety

An ATSB Helicopter Safety SME, Chief Pilot and Flight Examiner with >20,000 hours, David’s priority is safety optimisation through structured scenario-based error management training, ensuring pilots understand both underlying dynamics & recovery procedures.

John Casey - Advisor

Former CMO, Supercars/Vodafone

Senior executive of major Sports, Telco and Financial Services brands, such as Supercars, Vodafone and Egg (UK), John’s innovative sales and marketing leadership is renowned for producing ingenious initiatives that drive transformative growth.


David 'Dakka' Clarke

Chief Engineer - Aircraft

Former RAAF jet-fighter & helicopter maintenance engineer and self-made Jetpack builder & pilot, Dakka’s priority is to produce the slick, stable and secure jetpack capable of enabling the fastest ever body-controlled human flight across Australia without wings.

Lorenzo Masia

Chief Engineer - Bionic FlySuit

Award-winning Professor of Biorobotics & MediTech, and former Faculty in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Lorenzo’s priority is to develop symbiotic technology to overcome physical deficiencies, reinforcing our belief that ‘no matter who you are, you can’.

John Page - Advisor

Aerospace Engineering Faculty, UNSW

Expert in aerospace vehicle design, operation & policy, and leader in emerging epigenetic AI (swarm tech) for aerospace development, NASA collaborator John’s engineering career spans industry and academia, where he mentors high potential PhD candidates.

Every perceived impossibility, is just a possibility waiting to happen.

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